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Health & Beauty Categories
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Plantar warts are highly contagious, as they commonly occur when a virus enters your body through an open wound on your foot. It’s best to get plantar warts treated by a professional to prevent the spread of the virus and spare yourself and your family from further complications. Visit podiatry in New Jersey to receive expert wart treatment and relieve yourself of the discomfort and embarrassment associated with plantar warts.Caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), plantar warts typically appear on your heels or on the weight-bearing areas of your foot. The pressure on the bottom of your foot often pushes the wart deeper under a thick layer of callused skin. Plantar warts develop on your feet when HPV enters your body through tiny cuts or breaks in the skin of your foot.Usually not a serious medical concern, plantar warts often disappear on their own. But if you have several or are uncomfortable with their appearance, your physician at Premier Podiatry in Passaic County offers effective plantar warts treatment options. Best podiatrists such as Dr. Velimir Petkov explains how to remove plantar warts, how to prevent their reoccurrence and what possible consequences can come from leaving them untreated.
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Because your feet are composed of so many different moving parts that are delicate and vulnerable, foot pain treatment isn’t always as cut and dried as other medical treatments. And since your feet play such a vital role in allowing you to do your everyday activities, you can’t be limited by untreated foot pain — especially when help is so close. Just 30 minutes from New York City, the podiatrist office in Clifton, New Jersey & Wayne, NJ, offers complete diagnostic and foot pain treatment to relieve you of discomfort from any number of foot problems. Get the best treatment; call a podiatry doctor today for a consultation.Foot pain is difficult to resolve because you rarely can afford to stay off your feet for days on end. If you’re like most Americans, you’re always on the go. It’s devastating if an injury or disease knocks you off your feet for longer than a day. The complex tangle of muscles, ligaments, bones, tissues and tendons is so prone to damage that nearly 77 percent of Americans suffer pain in their feet at some point in their lives, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).More alarming, though, is that only one-third seek medical attention from a specialist. A podiatrist is trained to treat all forms of foot pain, from Achilles tendonitis and gout to ingrown toenails and athlete’s foot. Dr. Velimir Petkov at Premier Podiatry — leading podiatrist in Clifton, New Jersey — encourages you to seek foot pain treatment as soon as possible to both ease your discomfort and prevent serious complications.
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An ingrown toenail causes throbbing toe pain severe enough to cause you to limp. If it gets infected, the toe swells so that you can’t even wear your shoes. Don’t wait until you need infected ingrown toenail treatment. As soon as you notice an ingrown toenail, visit the top-rated podiatry doctor, Dr. Velimir Petkov at Premier Podiatry in Clifton, NJ and Wayne, NJ. Call today for an appointment.Your toenails provide some protection for your toes, but they’re really an evolutionary holdover. The edges of your nails rest in a groove on top of your toes. If functioning normally, the nails grow steadily outward as new nail material forms in the nail bed. If your nail suffers damage, it may start curling or growing downward, digging into the soft flesh of your toes.Ingrown toenails can be painful. If they’re bad enough, they can affect your gait and require medical attention. If left untreated, ingrown toenails can result in continued pain, inflammation and infection that requires ingrown toenail surgery. Visit award-winning podiatry practice in Clifton, New Jersey & Wayne, NJ to discuss treatment options and prevention tips with your board-certified surgeon, Dr. Velimir Petkov.
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Toenail fungus is a common affliction. While older adults suffer more frequently, it can affect anyone, especially if you’re active in water sports or spend time in a community fitness center. Toenail fungus treatment has been notoriously slow and ineffective … until now. New technologies at podiatry practice in Clifton, NJ and Wayne, NJ, provide fast, painless laser treatment. Don’t accept the discomfort and embarrassment of thick, discolored toenails. Just 30 minutes from NYC in northern New Jersey, you can get the best toenail fungus treatment. Call today!For the most part, toenail fungus isn’t a serious medical issue. It can, however, lead to serious complications if left untreated. So seek the service of an expert at the first sign of unhealthy toenails. Dr. Velimir Petkov is one of the foot doctors in Clifton, New Jersey with extensive experience and training that he uses to diagnose and treat fungus on your toenails.At Premier Podiatry, the best cure for toenail fungus depends on the cause and the severity of the condition. Their treatments range from medications and instructions for home care to toenail fungus laser treatment. Laser treatment addresses both medically compromising infections and cosmetically bothersome nails.
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Most heel pain can be prevented by correcting any imbalances you have in your gait and wearing the right shoes for your activities. But sometimes, even when you do everything right, your foot gets injured, a tendon becomes inflamed or spurs develop in your heels. As a result, you end up with debilitating heel pain. By visiting our Premier Podiatry office at the first sign of heel pain, you can alleviate most major issues and keep up with your regular activities. So don’t hesitate to visit Premier Podiatry offices in Clifton, NJ and Wayne, NJ; you’ll save yourself from continuing pain and even potential disability.Heel pain doesn’t usually signal that you have a serious medical condition, but pain in the back of your heel or at the bottom of your heel puts a real damper on your quality of life. Walking, running and any kind of exercise becomes much more difficult. If your shoes don’t fit right, every time you step on your foot, you exacerbate the discomfort.You don’t have to live with foot pain of any kind when a foot doctor Dr. Velimir Petkov is a well-respected podiatrist with extensive training and experience treating heel and foot pain. While you may just need a home care regimen to find some heel pain relief, Dr. Petkov’s clear diagnosis and professional advice give you peace of mind as he ensures you get the best heel pain treatment.